Organization – Assistant Deputy Minister (Review Services)

Internal Audit

The Assistant Deputy Minister (Review Services) internal audit function provides the Deputy Minister (DM) and the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) with independent, substantiated assessments and advice related to the effectiveness and efficiency of Department of National Defence/Canadian Armed Forces (DND/CAF) operations/programs/activities; compliance with legislation, policies and procedures; and the soundness of DND/CAF risk management, internal controls and governance processes.


The ADM(RS) program evaluation function provides the DM and the CDS with independent, objective, substantiated assessments of the effectiveness, impact and continued relevance of DND/CAF policies, programs and initiatives. The results of Evaluation are used by the DND/CAF management to help determine the priorities of funding and to direct improvements to policies, programs, and initiatives.

Special Examinations and Inquiries

The mandate of the Directorate Special Examinations and Inquiries (DSEI) is to plan and conduct special examinations and inquiries into allegations or instances of impropriety, mismanagement or other irregularities in DND/CAF. In addition to conducting special examinations and inquiries, DSEI manages the Internal Disclosure Office , the Administrative Investigation Support Centre , and the DND/CAF Fraud Risk Management Program.

Defence Ethics Programme

The Defence Ethics Programme (DEP) is a comprehensive values-based ethics program put in place to meet the needs of the DND/CAF, at both the individual and the organizational levels.

The aim and primary focus of the DEP is to foster the practice of ethics in the workplace and in operations such that members of the CAF and employees of the DND will consistently perform their duties to the highest ethical standards.

Office of the Auditor General Liaison

ADM(RS) is the Office of the Auditor General's (OAG) and Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development formal point of contact within DND for the purposes of coordination and ongoing liaison. The OAG notifies ADM(RS) of all new audits and examinations involving DND and keeps ADM(RS) informed about their activities within the Department. In turn, ADM(RS) keeps senior management informed by monitoring the progress of each audit.